"I went from a napkin sketch to $1.2M in funding within 6 months. There's NO way I could have done that without the help of Launchpeer."
Here's Dave's story...
In all honesty, we didn't know what we were getting into when our team first met Dave, the Founder of HOBA. We work with a lot of non-technical founders and as a hardworking boat captain, he definitely fit that bill. His 20+ years of working as an independent captain also meant Dave knew how to get his point across clearly — one of the most important aspects of starting a partnership like ours.

Admittedly, when we first met and he said he wanted us to help him build the 'Uber for boating,' we couldn't help but chuckle a little. Not because it was a bad idea (who doesn't love going on a boat?!), but because the 'Uber for…' phrase has become such a cliche in the startup world.

Turns out we were on to something...

The Idea
We always start here. The idea is the foundation for your entire startup, and typically the symptoms that come up from NOT going through this phase the right way don't come up until Launch, which means you've sunk months of time and tens of thousands into building something and launching to...


Don't let that happen to you.

With Dave, he had a clear understanding of one thing; he wanted to build the Uber for boating.

That's it.

So we worked with Dave over 2 weeks to really solidify his idea and get it validated. We even got 9 boat captains into our office since Dave was pretty local to us, and talked to them about what they wanted to see in HOBA.
The Prototype
The name HOBA didn't exist yet. Dave was calling his startup 'BRA', which for obvious SEO and marketing reasons would have been a terrible call...

So we worked with Dave to come up with a brand, messaging, and positioning that matched his fun but cool feeling.

After working with our creative team for 3 weeks we created a beautiful logo, brand, and Prototype that crushed it.
The Education
Dave doesn't know anything about raising funding.

That's pretty normal.

And if you ever met Dave you'd know he's not really the kind of guy who is used to having 'business conversations'. He's more of a 'drink a beer and curse like a sailor' kinda guy.

So we coached Dave up on all the ins and outs of raising money. How to talk to investors, investment offers, negotiation, elements of a good deal, building a pitch deck and business plan, doing valuations, market research, and more.

Dave turned into a seasoned pro in no time.

The Outreach
The team worked with Dave to create a strategy to do outreach to investors.

Dave had investor offers rolling in.

He was able to pick and choose which investors and offers he wanted because unlike other founders he wasn't desperate to get ANY funding like most founders are.

The Results
$250K in Seed Funding.

Dave used that money to build and launch his app.

He got 3000 users within 30 days after launch.

Then he raised another $1M in funding.

'Nuff said.

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