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Now want to learn how to go from idea to funded tech startup within 6 months (without hiring developers, having Silicon Valley credentials, or having a network of investors)
The NEW way to go from idea to $100K-$500K in seed funding
Hosted by Jake Hare
Founder of Launchpeer
Has helped hundreds of startups around the world raise millions in seed funding.
Pitch decks and business plans are two of the LEAST important things you need to focus on to raise seed funding, and what you should do instead.
Why your IDEA IS SECONDARY to one very simple thing... and why that thing can separate you from other founders.
Only 3% of startups ever raise a round of seed capital... while OVER 67% of our customers get funded within 6 months.
The average investor gets pitched by OVER 40 STARTUPS/WEEK... We'll show you how to stand out from a sea of other startups vying for their attention.
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