The Launch program
From idea to successful startup
Learn about the program that's helped our customers go from napkin sketch to venture backed startup
Step 1: Read the details about our Launch Program and how we can take you from idea to funded startup in the next 6 months.
A successful startup starts with you. It succeeds with the team surrounding you. Launchpeer is that team.
Christian Ruppe, Founder of Monotto
No more playing around.

While your friends are agonizing about the next step they should take in their startup journey, you'll be working with our startup experts at Launchpeer to build, launch, and scale your startup.
You're ready to build, launch and scale a successful startup if...
You're ready to put the work in to implement the system we outlined in the video and we're going to reiterate below.
You have an idea you think has what it takes to succeed, or a few ideas and need help figuring out which one has the most potential to succeed.
You're ready to invest in yourself and your startup to make this happen sooner rather than later. No more 'waiting'. Time to start 'doing'.
We work with founders all over the world, from all backgrounds, building startups in all different kinds of industries, serving all different types of customers. The one common thread among them is work ethic and action.

Are you willing to put in the work with our team to make it happen?

Are you willing to take action with our team as your guide?

If the answer is yes, then read on.
The 7 Step System
Here's the breakdown of the 7 step system we use to help our customers go from just an idea to a venture backed startup as fast as possible.
Ensuring your idea is solid
1-2 Weeks
In this phase you're going to want to ensure you have a very good understanding of what your idea is, your competitors, and the market opportunity. The outcome should be a well documented outline of what your app is, the market you'll serve, and the potential it has to succeed.
Branding & design of your app
3-4 Weeks
With the clear understanding of your app idea, it's time to move it into the Prototype stage. This includes choosing a name, branding, and design. Finally, it culminates in creating a clickable demo of your app's UI/UX design that'll allow you to hand to anyone and they can see what your app is, how it'll work, and gives them a clear vision of what it could be once you develop it.
Raise a small initial funding round
4-8 Weeks
Using your Prototype you'll be able to pitch your idea to potential investors or people to give you the small amount of funding you need to build it. You'll be raising between $15K-$100K, just enough to build your initial Proof of Concept in the next step so you can then go out and get your first customers to use your product.
Build an initial version of your app
4-12 Weeks
In this step you'll hand your Prototype to a team of developers to build your Proof of Concept, or MVP, a small version of your app that's JUST enough to get someone to download it or sign up for it, and ideally to pay for it if it's a paid product. The development timeline depends on your startup's Proof of Concept size, but the outcome should be a usable app a potential customer will love to use and solves their problem.
Get your first users or customers
1-2 Weeks
Once your Proof of Concept if built it's time to launch it. Your first customers are out there, ready to use your product. In this phase you need to get 10-100 of them to sign up for your app while spending as little money as possible to do it.
Raise the funding you need to scale
8-12 Weeks
Once you have your initial customers it's time to begin the Seed funding process. Going out and raising this round of funding typically means raising $250K-$1M. It'll be enough funding to build the rest of your application past just the Proof of Concept, and also give you enough funding to level up your sales and marketing efforts.
Scale your app and marketing efforts
You've made it! Using the Seed funding you've obtained it's time to get developers to build the rest of your app past the Proof of Concept and make it a robust scalable app, and also get your sales and marketing to scale where you're garnering a positive Return on Investment for your marketing and sales efforts so you can go to mass market.
Here's how we help you throughout the System
Now that you know the step-by-step system, here's a breakdown of how our team at Launchpeer helps guide you through every step of it through our Launch Program.
This is like an Accelerator on steroids. We help you go from where you are today to venture backed startup. Here's how we do it...
Hours of content
Course modules
When you join our Program you'll get instant access to our courses that walk you through everything about building a startup, and thoroughly covers each of the parts of the 7 step system we outlined above.

Here's a taste of what some of the course modules cover...
- What makes a great startup idea?
- How to ensure your idea has what it takes to scale, and what to change if it doesn't.
- The 5 key ingredients to define your idea.
- The simple hack we use to ensure an idea will get customers or users fast.
- The elements of a great designed app.
- How to make your Prototype stand out from the crowd of other startups.
- The best ways to map out what your Prototype should (and shouldn't) include.
- Our creative team's help building your Prototype for you.
- How to put a valuation on your startup.
- The best places to find the RIGHT pre-seed investors.
- The 5 step process to get an investor introduction.
- How to craft an awesome Pitch Deck and Business Plan including our own easy to use templates to fast track the process.
- Pitch Deck teardowns of some of the first pitch decks of companies like Uber & AirBNB.
- How to negotiate with a pre-seed investor.
- How to craft an offer to an investor that's difficult for them to pass up.
- How to define what the best Proof of Concept should be to get customers.
- The key elements to a Proof of Concept to track your users & customers.
- Why most Proof of Concept's fail and what to do instead.
- How the app development process works.
- Access to our team of in-house developers to build your Proof of Concept.
- How to know what the best pre-launch tactics are for your specific startup.
- Recipes other successful startups have used to gain their first 1000 customers.
- Step by step instructions on how to go out and get your own customers & users.
- Tutorials for how to integrate data analytics and tracking so you know what is working and what isn't working.
- How to adjust your mindset when going after Venture Capital.
- How to negotiate the right offer to raise $250K-$1M in seed capital.
- Where to find the right investors at the Seed stage and why it's different than Pre-Seed.
- How to create financial projections that are realistic so investors don't laugh you out of a meeting.
- How to adjust your pitch deck and business plan with Seed funding in mind.
- How to find and hire the right talent for your early stage startup.
- What it means to scale a startup's marketing and team so you don't waste months or years on the wrong strategies.
- How to go 'mass-market' and an exact plan to do it right.
- How to beat your competition.
And a ton more....

These modules, courses, and lessons are not fluff, or information you can find online. These are actionable tactics you can implement right away, helping you reach the next step of your startup adventure.
This Program isn't one where you enter and we leave you alone.

No, instead we'll be with you every step of the way. You'll be hopping on the phone with our team each week based on what part of the 7 step system you're in.

Need help choosing the best validation method for your idea? Aren't sure how to respond to an investor? Want advice on how to set up your first Facebook ad during your Launch phase?

The best member of our team to help you will be there for you, whether you need help from one of our designers, developers, or growth hackers.
Building a Prototype is one of the cornerstones of the 7 step system.

Our team will build it for you.

The design and creative team at Launchpeer is top notch. They'll work directly with you to bring your idea to life into a clickable Prototype...
The Prototype is exactly what you'll need to go raise Pre-Seed money successfully, and has been a huge factor in helping our customers go from idea to funded as fast as possible.

Anyone can create a pitch deck.

Anyone can create a business plan.

Not everyone will take actionable steps to show an investor what their investment is going to buy.

The Prototype gives them that, and separates you from the 40+ startups/week the average seed stage & angel investor gets pitched to.
Building a startup is lonely.

That's why we built a community of entrepreneurs who are going through the Program with you. All of our students are on the same journey as you, and will help you along the way.

In the Facebook group you'll be able to get the help you need, and build relationships with founders like you who are working hard to succeed.
Did you know over 87% of development projects are over budget or over timeline? Yeah, not great.

But our team of developers at Launchpeer are some of the best in the world. They are also startup focused, which means they understand what it means to build lean, scalable products from the ground up without breaking your budget.

All our customers (ie you) get access to our team of developers to build your Proof of Concept or to help you Scale. Although there is an additional cost to hiring them, they're full time team members in our office in Charleston, South Carolina and all our projects are fixed price and allow you to pay for their work over time.

So instead of looking elsewhere and getting taken by some developer who doesn't really know what they're doing, or spending months trying to find the right developer or agency to build your app, working with Launchpeer means you have developers on hand to work with you when you need it.
The biggest problem with raising Seed funding between $250K-$1M isn't that founders can't do it, or the money isn't there.

It's not having access to investors.

Investors want to fund worthy startups. Founders are ready to use that funding, especially the founders we work with at Launchpeer.

Launch Fund is our creation to put those two groups together.

Launch Fund is like Kickstarter for traditional investment. Hundreds of investors on Launch Fund are constantly on the lookout for new startups help.

Startups who apply to Launch Fund are required to pay 4% of whatever they raise in funding, but our customers in the Program get access to Launch Fund for free, no application required, because we know you've put in the work and have what it takes to get funded by one of those investors.
Every so often we interview some of the world's top founders and investors, and we do it live so you can ask any questions you want about building, launching, and scaling a successful startup.

You'll have exclusive access to these live sessions and their recordings.

Check out this interview we did with Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle, who grew his startup from just an idea to 550K subscribers and 7 figure startup in just one year...
Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle
550K Subscribers and counting
Why choose Launchpeer
We get it. Putting your startup in someone's hands is hard, but learn why hundreds of founders around the world have chosen us to build, launch, & scale their startup.
Launchpeer has been voted a top agency for startups in the United States by Clutch (basically, the Yelp for digital agencies).

In addition, we've helped hundreds of founders around the world. Here's a few...
Launchpeer's ability to grasp a vision and translate it into a sellable product is top-notch. Their services were integral to the startup's successful launch.
Sam O'Neill
CEO of Swift Scripts
"Their consistent and hard-working team not only offered steady communication but also produced a 300% growth across all social media platforms in less than three months."
Ryan Leaphart
Cofounder of ReelTrail
"User feedback is consistently positive, which has translated into an excellent app store rating. Launchpeer was highly-responsive and constantly monitored requests, even outside of normal hours."
Jake Tullis
Founder of Mylai
"Launchpeer made a superb product that's easy to use and highly interactive. They clearly explained technical aspects and concerns and were willing to collaborate on numerous project iterations."
Steve Sartain
Founder of Redunnit
"Thanks to the team at Launchpeer we're on track to launch ahead of schedule. They've given our team the confidence and product to be successful right out the gate."
Patrick Gallagher
Founder of LGND
"The Prototype the team at Launchpeer built for us is beyond anything we could have imagined. They brought our vision to life better than I ever could have expected."
Mark Jones
Founder of Fytr
"Launchpeer is my knight in shining armor! I had this crazy idea and no clue how to make it happen and in no time they created a Prototype that fits my vision perfectly!"
Tara McKee
Founder of Creative Den
"We got to 3000 users in 30 days on our way to raising over $1M in funding just after launch. There's no way we could have done that without the team at Launchpeer."
David Yeates
Founder of HOBA
"You and the team did a great job flushing out the ideas! Thank you for the hard work, I know it is not the easiest industry to wrap your head around."
Richard Tran
Founder of BetRecord
"Y'all have done a great job of scooping my thoughts up and putting them back together. Thank you again for all that you have done/ are doing for my project!!!! :)"
Collin Gallagher
Founder of Specific Equipment
Launchpeer delivered the product at a significantly lower cost than others in the industry while offering the added value of guidance on business strategy. The appeal of their design and streamlined login has resulted in an 80% convergence in downloads to active users.
Jose Mallabo
Founder of Creer
"I can't stress enough how incredible of a job you guys are doing and I'm very humbled to be working with a group of individuals that are clearly very devoted to helping me reach this dream. Thank you all so much."
David Peterson
Founder of The Cause
"How do I know I'll get the results I want?"
We offer a full guarantee. If once you enter the Program if you're not able to get past the Pre-Seed stage of the system, we'll refund your money. It's that simple.
"I don't have an idea yet, is that a problem?"
That's good! Let us help you choose the best idea, and make it the best it could possibly be. Over HALF of our customers come to us without really knowing exactly what their idea is or what it could be.
"Why are you doing this? I've never seen anything like it before."
Unselfish reason - we truly believe building a startup should be accessible to EVERYONE. Selfish reason - we want to work with you to build your web or mobile app, and without funding and without following this process, startup founders like you wouldn't be able to (and we wouldn't be here).
"$9500 feels like a lot. How can I justify that cost?"
First, think of the alternative. Most companies charge over $15K just for the Prototype. That's because they look at those projects as one-and-done, not thinking about the long term relationship they build with their customers. We can charge less because we know if we can help you get funded you'll come back to have our team build your app or hire us for marketing.

Second, over the years we've worked with a LOT of startups, many who wasted tens of thousands of dollars and months of time on products that didn't work, strategies that didn't get them traction, and consistently say they wished they'd found us when they started their journey.
"How soon can I get started?"
We accept a handful of new customers into the Program each week. Typically we are booked out at least 1-2 weeks so once you fill out the form below and schedule a call a member of our team will chat with you about the next possible start date.
"Do you take equity from the startups you work with?"
Nope! We strongly believe startups should keep their equity, and really this is the best move. Equity should be solely used for cofounders and investors, and potentially your earliest employees.
"What's the difference between this and an accelerator/incubator?"
Accelerators and incubators are great if you can get into the top 2-3 like Y Combinator or 500 Startups, but even then typically accelerators are just places to get mentorship. Launchpeer is giving you much more, like hands on training, individualized coaching, and more. Lastly, we don't take equity in the startups we work with while most accelerators do; we believe founders should keep their equity, which is one of the reasons we charge for the Program.
"How long is the Program? When should I expect to get funded?"
The Program takes as long as it takes for us to help you build a successful startup. For some of our customers they're able to raise funding and launch their app in a few weeks, and for others it takes a few months.

IMPORTANT NOTE is that we pride ourselves on long term relationships with our customers. We've seen many of our customers go from just an idea when they talked to us to a venture backed, Inc500 startup. We're in it for the long haul with you.
Step 2: Apply to the Launch Program and then schedule a call with our team to see if you're a good fit.
Fill out the form below, and then you'll be directed to schedule a call with our team. If after the call you're not convinced to join the Program, no worries! At least you took action on your startup.
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