All set! Here's one more thing that may be helpful...
Want some free one-on-one help? Let's do it...
So in a few minutes you're going to get the Playbook in your email.

The first thing you're going to think?

"Awesome, let me see where I am..."

Second thing you're going to think?

"Crap, how do I get where I want to go?"

Don't worry, it's normal. Building a startup isn't easy. There's a reason only 3-5% of startups ever get funded, and over 90% of startups fail. The reason isn't that entrepreneurs like you don't 'hustle' enough, or you can't find stuff online to help you (it's 2019, you can pretty much find anything online).

It's that they don't do the RIGHT things at the RIGHT times with the RIGHT support.

Without that, it's like running a marathon without knowing where the finish line is, no directions on how to get there, and no food or water. Not a good move.

So here's the deal... We're opening up our calendar for entrepreneurs who are...
Building a tech startup with a major web or mobile app component
Ready to build a successful startup NOW (not "one day")
Want to raise $100K-$500K in seed funding within the next 6 months
Ready to invest your blood, sweat, & tears to build a great company
Tired of the high-level B.S. advice most people dish out to startups
We'll chat for about 45 minutes about your goals, and map out a plan on how to reach them. After working with over 350+ startups around the world, and helping them raise millions in funding, reach the Inc500, and more, we'll lend that experience to you.
NOTE: These slots book QUICKLY, as they are first come-first serve (& you won't find the link to schedule on our website). If you don't see a day/time available, bookmark the link and keep checking back for new slots...