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That idea you’ve been thinking so much about? Time to get it out of your head. Let our creative team work with you to do that, working through what your product will do, how it’ll do it, what it’ll look like, and most importantly how you’ll go from nothing to a very cool something fast.


4 Weeks


Starts at $7500


Completed Prototype

Why do a Prototype?



On average Prototype customers raise seed capital within 4 months compared to the industry average 16 months.


Higher Success Rate

Startups who work with us show a 3X higher success rate than the average startup.



Our customers raise an average of more than $250K in seed capital after their Prototype.



We'll start by getting your idea out of your head

Our team starts by creating wireframes and workflow diagrams to ensure we have a full understanding of what your web or mobile app should do. We do this through a combination of actual whiteboarding as well as digital tools. We’ll be collaborating closely with you during calls and video conferences to ensure we’re all on the right track.


Tech Specs

Time to figure out how to build this thing

Technical documentation is one of the most overlooked aspects of building a scalable startup. We start this early, mapping out User Stories and System Requirements into our project management tool and export those into a PDF for you so you know exactly what your product roadmap is, how your app should be built, and what technical specifications will go into the development of it.



Making waves is easy with a great brand

Having great branding is incredibly important in today’s noisy startup world. Our design team will come up with your initial branding such as color pallette, logo, and styles so when development starts we know exactly how to incorporate that into your product.


UI/UX Design

Now it's time to put it all together

The finale! With all the wireframes complete, tech documentation done, and branding polished, our product managers and designers will begin designing the User Interface of your application using a combination of Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. The final product will be a clickable prototype that looks and feels exactly how your final application will, minus the code of course.


Startups Served



Customer Satisfaction

The Last 3 Years

3x Higher Success

Than the average startup

Over 300 startups & counting

Here's what our customers have to say about our Prototype process.

``Launchpeer is my knight in shining armor. I had this crazy idea and no clue how to make it a reality. In no time at all, they whipped up a prototype of my vision that fit perfectly! And now one of the most critical pieces to my new business is off my worry list. Thank you!!!``
Tara McKee

— Tara McKee

Founder of Creative Den

“Launchpeer helped tremendously getting our brand from 0 to 60. We gave them an idea and they came back mere weeks later with more designs and mockups than we could have dreamed of.”
Will Traweek

— Will Traweek

Founder of Spectre

“The team at Launchpeer did an awesome job taking my idea and turning it into something real. The branding they did is great, they helped me as a non-technical founder really understand the technical side of what needed to be built, and the design of the app is incredible.”
Steve Sartain

— Steve Sartain

Founder of Redunnit

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