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This pre-product startup went from outreach to committed investor in less than 10 days

"Jake and the team has been there supporting me every step of the way and he is the best mentor I’ve ever had. This changed my life in a very short amount of time and I look forward to a long relationship of working with them."

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This startup from NY got the 'red carpet treatment' (and funding) from Snapchat

"The team was key in our ability to impress without having a product built yet. Having the skills to sell our vision helped us open doors and get us to where we are now."

Brandon M., Founder

FinTech startup gets signed Letter of Intent for a $1M funding round from a VC

"We're gonna give you the GREATEST LONGEST most EPIC review.. EVERR! You're the best keep doing what you're doing and helping others like us."

David C., Founder

Sports startup gets investor commitments even during Covid

"You guys have been so helpful during this process, appreciate you making all the time to make sure I get this stuff done fast."

Sports startup in the midwest focused on helping college athletes get paid raises $150K

"Your team did a phenomenal job setting us up for future success. This process isn't easy and so we're glad you were here to help at each of these first steps."

Patrick W., Cofounder

Yes, startups are even getting investor meetings and commitments during Covid

"The team did an amazing job. Gabi was very helpful in fleshing out my idea, figuring out what I really need to start with and laying the ground work for an amazing product. Meredith and the team killed it and Meredith was key in keeping me in the loop and keeping me updated on milestones"

Chris V., Founder

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Launchpeer is for you if...

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  • You know you have a great idea but don't really know where to start.
  • You're able and willing to invest to build your app, but don't know who to hire or trust to do it.
  • You would rather work with experts who have done it before than take the risk of messing something this important up.
  • You're ready to work hard, hustle, and do what it takes to build a business you're proud of.

A note from Jake Hare, Founder & CEO

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"The old way of starting up isn't working for non-technical founders...

Build an MVP.

Launch and hope people like it.

If they don't? Oh well, that's 'the game'.

It doesn't have to be this way, and my team has been working for 6 years to increase the success rates of non-technical founders.

Non-technical founders have unique constraints.

1. No tech skills means you have to give up massive equity to technical cofounders you hardly know... or pay a fortune to hire someone.

2. Paying a fortune to hire someone to build your app usually means you need to raise funding.

3. Investors will tell you they won't fund you without having an app built with traction.

Do you see the 'chicken and egg' problem there?

Without an app, you can get funded. Without funding, you can't build your app.

As a non-technical founder myself, I see the value in people with deep industry knowledge and experience in things other than tech. Tech is one small component of building a startup.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'd take a non-technical founder who has a high emotional intelligence combined with industry knowledge, over a technical founder any way, all other things being equal.

That's where we come in.

Launchpeer has been designed from the ground up for non-technical founders who are ready to turn their idea into a market changing product.

We mix your knowledge, grit, and drive with our designers, developers, marketers, and funding experts to help you achieve your goals.

The New Way to Startup

Our 4-step method has been helping startups succeed for 6+ years


Building a startup the right way isn't cheap, and you'll need experts to help you along the way. We give you our expertise and put our money on the line for ambitious non-technical founders who join Launchpeer.

| The old way

Starting a startup isn't free, especially if you do it the right way. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. In the past at a minimum you'd have to pay for...

  • Legal (incorporation, structure to ensure you're fundable, documents like LOIs, etc;)
  • Accounting (financial projections, pro formas)

| The old result

Most entrepreneurs have to dig deep into their pockets to come up with the money necessary to do all this.

On top of that, you'd have to become an expert in hiring people you've never hired before.

Before you know it, you've likely spent tens of thousands of your own money with little to show.

| The new way

We're 'investor-operators', which means we co-invest with you. Your $7.5K investment mixed with our $20K investment pays for our team to help you with all the legal, accounting, and any other needs your startup has to get off the ground.

| The new result

Because we co-invest with you, we're 100% tied to your success long term, as our $20K investment doesn't get recouped unless you are successful.


Gone are the days of using an MVP to get to market. Consumers today are spoiled, and investors with them, and they expect something great. Our team will work with you to design a beautiful brand and interactive Prototype that shows off your vision, wows your prospects, and impresses investors.

| The old way

Back in 2010, building an MVP (minimum viable product) became very popular after startups like Facebook, Uber, and AirBNB became famous for using one to get traction.

The problem? 10 years is a lifetime in the technology space. Consumers today are spoiled; if your app isn't GREAT from the minute they start using it, they'll delete it and move on (something they weren't able to do 10 years ago because there weren't as many options).

| The old result

We've seen non-technical founders spend tens of thousands and months of time building and iterating on an MVP only to see all that time go to waste.

Investors also won't fund a startup with an MVP if users won't use it (which they probably won't; remember, consumers are spoiled, and that means investors are too).

| The new way

Our team will build you a Prototype. An interactive design that shows your product vision, the IDEAL vision, not terrible looking MVP, allows you to gather feedback from potential users before anyone writes code, but also lets you sell an investor on your vision prior to dropping tons of your own money on development.

| The new result

You'll save tens of thousands on development. You can utilize your Prototype for the same purposes you would have used the MVP for, but Prototypes are much less costly to make (and our team does it for you as part of the initial $25K investment).

Also, our customers have a 22X higher success rate raising follow-on funding (next step) only using their Prototype versus trying to squeak by with an MVP.


Once we've helped you set up your company, design your brand, and design & build your interactive Prototype, you'll need funding for things like app development, sales, marketing, and operational expenses. Our funding experts will help you raise $100K+.

| The old way

Raising funding is hard, and most founders aren't able to do it. In the past founders would rely on advice like...

  • "Go raise funding from friends and family" - Unrealistic for most entrepreneurs
  • "Go sign up for every pitch competition known to man" - Most competitions are overly competitive (even AirBNB lost tons of pitches)
  • "Go get a loan or line of credit" - Banks don't lend to new businesses. Period.

| The old result

This stuff doesn't work.

That's why only 3% of all startups raise funding, and the ones who do it takes them over 14 months to get it. By then most startups are already dead in the water.

| The new way

At it's core, raising funding is just a sales and marketing process.

The only difference between it and selling a $9/month subscription or a $1K product is that you're trying to sell someone on giving you a $25K+ check. That's it.

BUT most entrepreneurs don't know how to do high ticket sales. Prospecting, targeting, cold email and LinkedIn outreach, touch points, what to say, how to say it, how to negotiate, how to structure an offer, etc.

That's what we do for the founders we work with. Once you start treating your funding like a sales and marketing issue, it all comes down to a numbers game.

| The new result

Our founders are able to consistently book investor meetings utilizing the outbound sales and marketing techniques we teach and help them implement.

Then raising funding becomes a numbers game.

  • 100 targeted investors
  • 60 responses
  • 30 meetings booked
  • 10 term sheets
  • $500K in funding

Need to raise $1M instead? Double how many investors we do outreach to and we got it.


Finally the time comes to build your app. Using part of the funding we helped you raise, our development team (who you would have already been working with through the last few steps) will get to work and ship your product to market.

| The old way

Remember how I mentioned building an MVP is not the right approach? It's not.

Consumers today are spoiled, and expect something great, and because it's 2020 there are literally thousands of options for them to choose from if they don't like that you have to offer.

Does this mean you shouldn't build something 'minimum'? No. But it does mean that something just 'viable' won't cut it in 2020.

| The old result

When was the last time you gave a founder feedback on their MVP? A total stranger, not someone you were friends with...

Exactly. It doesn't happen that way anymore. So the MVP you build will likely collect dust while you scramble to determine what you can do to save it from obscurity.

| The new way

Building an MLP. A 'Minimum Lovable Product'.

Something that's still minimum & lean, but that your users will love. It has to look great, the branding needs to be on point, and it has to do what's advertised.

| The new result

The nice part is that once we've helped you raise $100K+ in funding, building your MLP will be simple.

  • We would have already done the branding, design, prototyping, and planning prior to this step
  • Most MLPs we build end up costing between $30K-$50K, meaning you'll have plenty of funding leftover for sales, marketing, and operations

All of this leads to

Faster Time to Market

The average startup takes 14 months to get to market. Our goal is to get you there within 6 months from your first day with us

Higher Funding Success Rate

Only 3% of all startups raise funding, while our startups see a 58% success rate in terms of raising a full round.