With you from idea to launch & beyond

We help founders build, launch, & scale tech startups

We're a team of product developers & growth hackers who build your startup

Founder-friendly pricing options.

We offer several different payment terms; pay in full for a discount, pay-as-you-go, or opt for our financing plan. We know startups need flexibility due to fundraising and cash flow, so that’s exactly what we give you.

Money-back guarantee.

Hiring a development company to build your app can feel like buying a car without seeing or test driving it.  Launchpeer is different. Work with us for two weeks and if you aren’t happy we’ll give your money back.

Free post-launch support.

Every customer gets up to 1 full year of support including hosting and maintenance to ensure your product stays in tip-top shape. We also provide ongoing marketing growth hacking support through bi-weekly Q&As, one-on-one strategy sessions, and free access to all courses and content in Launchpeer Academy.


“The only way this works is by having great processes, and Launchpeer has them.”

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“8 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Their Time”

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“This power couple is growth hacking Charleston’s tech ecosystem.”

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“This company is aiming to do business with startups by trying a new model.”

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“Launchpeer is like rocket fuel for your startup”

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“How focusing on startups helped Launchpeer double in size.”

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100% Transparency.

We use Slack to manage all our projects, and you get invited in to chat directly with all our team members. We also integrate our project management, development, & design tools with Slack so you’re always kept up to date on what’s going on.

Get to market faster.

Many startups are similar in terms of major feature sets (think Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with user registration, likes, shares, etc.). We’ve prebuilt these modules so we can spend more time (and less money) on what makes your startup unique.

Higher your startup success rate.

The startups we work with have seen a 37% higher success rate than the industry average. Our team has worked with hundreds of startups around the world the last few years and pass that experience on to you. We’re more than just product developers & growth hackers, we’re your co-founder.

The moment we saw the final product delivered by Launchpeer our entire team was blown away!

Chad Grills

Founder, The Mission

Do you guys even sleep? Lol, you guys have been absolutely killing it for me, thanks so much!!!

Jay Harris

Founder, Deal Seal

Launchpeer has an unparalleled ability to provide not only great developers but also startup guidance. They’ve done an amazing job for our startup, and we will continue to utilize their early stage talent going forward

Matt Weismiller

Founder & CEO, Snapp

The team at Launchpeer has been amazing to work with for both my projects. I’ll definitely be recommending them in the future to anyone I know who needs web or mobile work.

Jeff Reamer

Founder, 1836 Veterans & Post Cove

Launchpeer is full of marketing wizards! They helped us optimize our traffic for conversions, and continuously read my mind! They helped us 3x our business in 1 month. Amazing!

Matt Magnone

Co-Founder, Four Athletics

If you want the best product you hire the best team, and that’s Launchpeer. It’s that simple.

Christian Ruppe

Founder, Monotto

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A note from our team

Let’s cut to the chase.

We love startups. Like, really love them. Every day we come to work to live and breathe the ups, downs, challenges, and triumphs that every startup faces, and we do it right alongside our customers.

The love we have for startups has infused itself into everything we do, from the pricing & processes to the cheap beer we stock in the fridge. The number one question we get from people who stumble upon us for the first time is ‘this sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?’

After we’re done blushing, we tell them what our team has known all along. That Launchpeer is more than a name. It’s a promise.

Your friends at Launchpeer

Frequently asked questions

What payment options do you offer?
  1. Pay in full for your project and get a 10% discount
  2. Pay-as-you-go and get billed every two weeks for hours we’ve worked
  3. Finance your project and pay 15% upfront and the remaining over 52 weeks, which includes a 10% finance charge
How much does it cost?

Use our Launch Calculator to get an instant quote. Rather talk to a human? Click HERE to schedule a call with our team.

Is there a discount if I pay in full?

Yes! You won’t pay any financing charges & we also give you another 10% off the total project cost.

Is this only for new startups? I already started & have code written.

Over 60% of our customers switch from freelancers or agencies.  Why?

• Their app isn’t being built fast enough
• They are unhappy with the lack of communication
• They aren’t sure if the quality of the code being written is good

To help we offer FREE CODE REVIEWS (most places charge $1000+ for that). Schedule a call with our team HERE, and we’ll work to help build onto your startup.

How fast can I get started?

Your Project Manager will schedule a Kick-off Meeting as soon as you sign on with us. New Projects typically start the Monday following your signing on.

Do you take equity in my startup?

Nope! And we don’t want you to have to give it to anyone, especially in the early stages of your startup. That’s one of the big reasons we have financing available.

Who gets assigned to my project?

Launchpeer has 100% U.S. based talent, and we only accept the top 5% of applicants and lean towards well-rounded members with extensive backgrounds working with or building their own startups.  We’re HQ’d in Charleston, South Carolina.

How can I be sure my idea is safe with you?

First, if you have an NDA we’ll sign it before you provide any detailed information. Second, we only share your idea and project details with the team members assigned to your project. Third, unlike other agencies or freelancer matchmaking services, our team members are salaried employees meaning they legally fall under our company NDA and other protections for you.

Ready to get started?

Have an existing startup? Schedule a call with our team HERE.