Go from napkin sketch to built app, first users, and venture-funded tech startup, guaranteed

Launchpeer is a fully remote, part-time, equity-free incubator program that combines a formulaic process and done-for-you product design & development to lower your risk, speed up your time to market, and guarantee your fundraising success.


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We're for founders who...

Don't want to rely on 'hope' to get from idea to successful startup and instead want a reliable and repeatable system

Have a great idea but don't know how to design, build, market, or raise funding on your own

Can do this on their own, but know that even the best entrepreneurs surrounded themselves with experts

Are tired of reading the same old startup advice on Google that was made 10 years ago

and not founders who...

Think they're 'special' and can defy the odds by just working really hard and hoping for the best

Think they should do everything on their own even if it means those things take forever or are done poorly

Think 'hustle' culture is the answer to building a business instead of doing the right things at the right times and in the right order

Are comfortable following the status quo advice on starting up found on Google and Youtube that's led to over 90% of startups consistently failing

fully remote
Fully Remote

No travel involved. Complete the program no matter where you are.


We use a co-investing model that ties us to your success without taking your hard earned ownership.

part time
Part Time

Most founders spend 5-7 hours/week while keeping full time jobs.


Because of our approach, we're able to guarantee our founders will raise funding through our program.

We've taken a founder-first approach, building a program for entrepreneurs just like you

Most entrepreneurs can’t just quit everything to build a startup, and we believe you shouldn’t have to. Our program is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build an incredible business that disrupts the market without disrupting their life.

Lower Cost

The average founder spends $83K within the first 2 years, where our founders spend less than $15K to go-to-market.

Average Funding

Our program graduates raise an average of $127K in first funding, with some raising more than $1M even before launch.

Still In Business

90% of startups fail within 2 years, but over 84% of startups within our network are still in operation after 2 years.

We can guarantee success because we spent 7+ years finding a repeatable startup formula

Jake Hare, Founder of Launchpeer

Former homeless teen and Army veteran. Forbes & Washington Post startup contributor. Has helped hundreds of startups raise tens of millions in funding.

Let’s start there.

NO ONE ELSE can guarantee to take idea stage startups from idea to built, launched, and funded.

No one.


Because building a tech startup is inherently risky.

Over 90% of startups fail.

The average founder spends over $83K on their startup before it fails.

My team wasn’t okay with that.

Let’s take a step back.

When I started Launchpeer over 7 years ago, we were just an app development agency.

Have an idea? We were the team who would build your app.

Project management, design, development. 

But there was a huge problem.

6 months later most startups would come back to us and say…

“We’re having trouble getting users?”


“We’re running out of money, can you help us raise funding?”

or even worse…

“We’re going to have to shut down, know anyone who would buy us?”

My team needed to know why this was happening.

It became an obsession for us.

Besides, we didn’t like building great apps for smart entrepreneurs just to see them get scrapped for reasons outside our control.

We found nothing... well at least nothing for you...

We spoke with investors.

We spoke with startup experts.

We spoke with just about everyone we could who had any sort of ‘credibility’ in the startup space.

But what we found was pretty surprising.

All the advice people would give was either…

  • Made for technical founders who could build their app themselves (that’s not who most of our founders are)
  • Made for founders in Silicon Valley with quick access to capital (again, not most of our founders)
  • 10+ years old based on startup success stories or case studies that are just too outdated to be helpful in 2022.
And that kind of made sense to us.

Over 90% of startups fail.

And even with all the content being created online (books, podcasts, blogs, etc;) that failure rate isn’t getting better, it’s just getting worse.

So we took a different approach to find the answer.

We looked at the raw data.

We researched thousands of successful and failed startups to see what worked and what didn’t.

Our research yielded a simple 3-part formula that worked ridiculously well regardless of the startup

This formula lowered the risk of starting up by ensuring a founder could get real market data and insights before building anything.

This formula let our startups leverage that data to design and build an app they KNEW without a doubt the market wanted… again, before building anything.

This formula made it a certainty that our startups would raise the funding they needed to build their app, launch, and scale.

Since then we’ve helped hundreds of startups raise tens of millions in funding.

All while lowering their risk and their go-to-market costs.

Want to know what that formula is?

Good, because we want to teach it to you.


Because we’re on the lookout for ambitious and coachable entrepreneurs we can help go from idea to built, launched, and funded.

Our hope is that after we show you this formula, you’ll decide to apply to our next cohort.

If not? 

At the very least you learn the smarter way to startup.

Learn the smarter way to startup

Watch our on-demand 15-minute training video