we've helped build & launch over 300 tech startups. are you next?

we’re launchpeer, a startup studio
based in charleston, sc.

Launchpeer was founded in 2014 and has worked with hundreds of startups around the world. Sure, we’ve worked with large corporations like Verizon too, but they choose us too because of our agile, iterative, and scalable approach to servicing their needs the way we help our startup customers.

how we're different
  • we're not an agency
    • Agencies thrive on hourly billing, long sales processes, boatloads of unforeseen change requests, and opaque project processes. We're the complete opposite.
  • we're there for the long run
    • We're here to work with startups from the time they're born through to when they don't need us anymore, usually because they're able to hire their own team. We define success by the success of our customers.
  • we only work with startups
    • Unlike other agencies, Launchpeer only works with startups. That's why you won't see any corporate brand logos on our website, and although we've worked with companies like Burt's Bees, Verizon, Bridgestone and others over the years, they still choose us because of our intense focus on bringing ideas to life.

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