Startup Focus

Everything we do is with a startup focus, from our transparent project management & pricing to infusing an ROI driven approach into everything we do.


Quality Over Quantity

We believe it's not about how big a product is or how many features it has. A successful product fills a need in the market, and it's our job to help you find out what that is.


Move Fast

We believe moving fast and breaking things is part of startup life. All our services focus on helping you get to market quickly so you can fail fast early so you can succeed sooner.



Launchpeers are entrepreneurs before designers, developers, or growth hackers. That's so we can help you make decisions from a startup's perspective which we've learned from first-hand experience.


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What We Do

We're more than just some outsourced team.

Launchpeer was founded in 2014 and has worked with hundreds of startups around the world. Sure, we’ve worked with large corporations like Verizon too, but they choose us too because of our agile, iterative, and scalable approach to servicing their needs the way we help your startup.

100% North American Based Team

All our Launchpeers are based in the United States, with our Headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. We’re a highly qualified and dedicated team who works alongside you to accomplish your goals, big or small.

Agile Design & Development

We take an iterative and agile approach to everything we do. What’s that mean? It means we’re flexible, can pivot at a moment’s notice, work alongside you to ensure you get exactly what you want how you want it, and move fast. This is key to building a successful business, and one of the major things that separates us from other companies.

Transparent Pricing

No need to wait to get a price for weeks or months. In the first conversation with our team we’ll let you know what your project would cost and work on ways to break that down to fit within your budget, or convince you to spend less so you can launch a version of your product without breaking the bank.


We've Been Around

We're trusted by the world's startups

We’ve worked with hundreds of startups around the world, and have produced content, events, podcasts, and startups that have made waves. Our success is the success of our customers, and that work has been featured in some awesome places.


Don't believe us. Seriously.

Let our customers tell you.

``We currently have users in 49 states, and our conversion rate from downloading to becoming an active user is 80%. Both of those are a testament to the way the app looks and feels upon immediate download, and how user-friendly it is.``
Jose Mallabo

— Jose Mallabo

Founder of Vireo Labs

“The team at Launchpeer has been amazing to work on both my projects. I’ll definitely be recommending them in the future to anyone who needs web or mobile development.”
Jeff Reamer

— Jeff Reamer

Founder of 1836

“The moment we saw our final product delivered by Launchpeer our team was blown away!”
Chad Grills

— Chad Grills

Founder of The Mission

“If you want the best product, you hire the best team, and that’s Launchpeer. It’s that simple.”
Christian Ruppe

— Christian Ruppe

Founder of Monotto

“Launchpeer has an unparalleled ability to not only provide great developers but also startup guidance. They’ve done an amazing job for our startup, and we will continue to utilize their talent going forward.”
Matt Weismiller

— Matt Weismiller

Founder of Snapp

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