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Success Stories
Results are the only thing that matter. Check out some success stories of startups who've worked with us through this exact process.
Raised $125K and got accepted to the Snapchat Accelerator Program
Raised $125K and got accepted to the Snapchat Accelerator Program
Obtained partnerships with major brands and media figures
Obtained partnerships with major brands and media figures
Gotcha Group was acquired for $12M in late 2019
Gotcha Group was acquired for $12M in late 2019
Our 5 Step Launch Framework
We've worked with hundreds of startups over the years and refined a process that takes them from app idea to successful startup, and it all starts here.
Let's design your entire app and make it interactive (examples below)
Our design & marketing team will do your branding, messaging, and product roadmap, and then design your entire application. We'll then wrap the full design into an interactive prototype (examples below) you can use to start gaining feedback from the market.
Market Feedback
Let's find your ideal customers & get feedback on your Prototype
Our marketing team will find 10 of your ideal customers (people you don't know, which ensures we get the most honest feedback). We'll then securely show them the prototype to do 2 things. First, get their answers to a targeted survey that asks their thoughts on the app, design, user experience, etc. Second, we'll measure how they interact with the prototype so we can spot areas for improvement in the user experience.
Let's incorporate the feedback and data into making a Prototype we know your market wants
Our marketing team will find 10 of your ideal customers (people you don't know, which ensures we get the most honest feedback). We'll then securely show them the prototype to do 2 things. First, get their answers to a targeted survey that asks their thoughts on the app, design, user experience, etc. Second, we'll measure how they interact with the prototype so we can spot areas for improvement in the user experience.
Developer-Ready Specs
We'll create technical specifications a developer will be able to hit the ground running with
Our development team will take your prototype and product roadmap and write specifications and technical documentation. This will allow any developer to be able to begin writing code from day one and know exactly what they're building and how they should build it so it fits your exact vision.
Developer Sourcing
We'll help you create a compelling offer for a developer & show you how to find one to work for free
Once you have development-ready specifications and a market tested prototype, we'll help you craft an equity and/or profit sharing offer that will be compelling to a developer. Then we'll help you find and close a deal with a developer who will build your app, ensuring you get the best deal possible in the process.
Feel like getting a successful app in the market is a near impossible task, especially if you're a Non-Technical Founder?
You're definitely not alone. Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last 5 years (90%+ of them being non-technical) we've seen every challenge one can face on the long startup journey. Our mission is to make it easier (not easy) to start your journey in a way that all but ensures your success.
I have been working with the Launchpeer team since February on an idea I have had for a couple years now. As advertised, they have guided me from taking this idea from a concept in my head to a prototype with a viable pitch deck. They have been with me every step of the way providing feedback, guidance, encouragement, technical information, and access to an array of skills. My prototype looks fantastic and I feel confident I can turn this idea into a business now. Had I not gone with Launchpeer I don't know if this idea ever would have made it past the sketches in my notebook.
Evan Lawrence
Founder of ReBooked
Launchpeer did an excellent job bringing my idea to life! The prototype service is top notch, the process they implement allows you discover different things along the way and also promotes brainstorming. They were all super accessible, responsive, and understanding of my needs. Overall one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. Looking forward to referring more projects to them and working with them in the future.
CJ Tufano
Founder of Cherrypicker
I looked into several different companies and couldn't be happier that I went with LaunchPeer! They were professional, encouraging, and managed to take all of my ideas and make them a reality. Would recommend to any startup!
Spencer Simmons
Founder of Lali
Jake and his team over at Launchpeer have been absolutely incredible while working with me on my app. I had looked for months for an avenue to go in developing my application and I am so thankful I found these guys. Each team member takes time to walk you through the process, and truly fine-tune your startup's overall direction. The professional, and naturing process they set up for me has been such a huge boost for me and my startup.
Kevin Pankey
Founder of Hamlet
Initially, I was a bit skeptical that LaunchPeer could help me with my complex idea. To mold it into a clear, concise, and collected vision would require a team able to grasp concepts and think bold - that's exactly what I got with LaunchPeer! My unwarranted doubts were quickly quelled after being given a trailer of what the process would look like. We got to work unfolding my vision and breaking it down step by step. Grateful to my team Rebecca and Gabe for guiding me throughout the process, asking me sometimes tough questions, forcing me to think even further outside the box, and for their timeliness and patience - after learning to trust it, I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the process! A big shoutout to Jake as well for the prep and taking over the reigns. Looking forward to what comes next!
Ahmed Pathiawala
Founder of SSEX
Working with Gebe and Rebecca was amazing. They handled every detail with exceptional professionalism and were always punctual with deliverables. The Launchpeer team also did a great job of interpreting all of our inputs and translating them into high quality designs. The whole prototyping experience was awesome and seamless. I can't recommend it enough.
Ben Bickerstaff
Founder of LiteWater
Excellent experience! Jake and his team helped bring our idea to life and was helpful in every step of the way. From our first consultation they took detailed notes and provided our team with constant feedback and suggestions. We highly recommend LaunchPeer!
Austin Eckert
Co-Founder of Watchful Eye
The Launchpeer team is on it! They have been super responsive, knowledgeable and professional through the whole prototype process. And, more importantly, they turned our idea into a beautiful design!
Matt Fruge
Founder of Roofmark
Launchpeer has been awesome helping us set up our startup and maintain direction while working toward our goals. Acknowledging the often stated failure rates of many startups, it is very comforting knowing that such an experienced team is there to help and continue to guide us in this process.
Colin Gallagher
Founder of Equip'd
I would work with Launchpeer 10 times over again after the experience I've had. I dove into the Idea to Funded coursework and landed a lead investor a few weeks later. Jake Hare has been there supporting me every step of the way and he is the best mentor I've ever had. Working with Launchpeer changed my life in a very short amount of time and I look forward to a long relationship of working with Jake and the team. Work with Launchpeer!!!
Joe Wilson
Founder of H2Go
At first, when we joined, you could tell that Launchpeer was still figuring themselves out as a company, but the communication and help were always there. Then the longer we stayed with them, the more helpful information we received and they since have become an important step in launching our company and doing it more successfully. Jake, the CEO, is a wonderful person and is always willing to help and reply to any messages. Highly recommend them!
Andrey Ilkanych
Founder of Sunder
Our experience with Launchpeer has been amazing. We really enjoyed working with there staff on our prototype and look forward to continuing on getting funded.
Andre Renaye
Founder of Push Start Auto
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