Have questions? We have answers...

"How are you different than an accelerator or incubator?"

First, we are fully remote, whereas most incubators and accelerators are in person. Second, we utilize a co-investing model which allows you to keep your equity whereas most incubators and accelerators will ask for a not insignificant amount of ownership of your company. Lastly, and most importantly, we are investor-operators, meaning we do work with and for you, such as branding, design, prototyping, development, etc.

"Can I do this while joining or in an accelerator or incubator?"

Yes. We don't have anything against accelerators and incubators, what they offer often times complements what we offer (we offer operational expertise while they offer mentorship and office space).

"How do the co-investing terms work?"

If you're accepted to join, you'll invest $7.5K into your startup in the form of cash, while we'll invest $20K in the form of a convertible note. The entire amount is used to pay for our program and services as outlined on our home page.

A convertible note is essentially an investment into your startup that is paid at a future 'conversion event'. The conversion event for us is you receiving follow on funding of $100K or more.

Here are a couple scenarios to make it easier to understand:

  • Through our program you receive follow-on funding of $250K. That would be considered a conversion event, which means we would either ask for $20K, or more likely we would forfeit the convertible note if you hired our team for app development (which is what you'd likely use the follow on funding for anyway).
  • Through our program you don't receive follow-on funding, or raise less than $100K. Because our 'conversion event' didn't happen, nothing happens.

If you have more questions about how this works, click here to apply and chat with a member of our team.

"I'm a solo founder. Can I still apply? Are my chances of success lower?"

Yes, we love solo founders just as much as teams.

Over 6 years we haven't seen any significant difference in the success rates between the two.

"I have a technical cofounder, should I still apply?"

Yes, if you feel our process is the right fit for your team's goals.

"Do I have to relocate, or is this entire program remote?"

Our entire program is done remotely.

You'll work with our team through a combination of one-on-one calls, private slack channels and messages, group calls, and other means depending on what stage of our program you're in.

"How long does this entire program take?"

Founders we work with typically go from day 1 to raising follow-on funding within 8-10 weeks. From there the rest of the time will depend on the size of your app development project, which you would know during the Prototype step. See our home page for an outline of our process.

"How much time do I need to dedicate to working on my startup as I go through this program?"

We typically recommend founders dedicate between 5-10 hours/week to work through this process.

A vast majority of our founders are working full time jobs up to the point of receiving follow-on funding and typically have plenty of time during the week, nights, or weekends to work through our process.

"I'm interested. Can I talk to someone?"

Yes. Take our quiz and then it'll prompt you to schedule a call with a member of our team so we can talk about your goals and if/how we can help your startup launched.