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Getting Started

Do you take equity in the startups you work with?

Nope! We firmly believe founders should keep all their equity. That allows us to keep our prices fair for everyone because we’re not doing free equity work for some customers while billing other customers more to make up for it.

I have existing code/designs. Can I work with Launchpeer?

Definitely! First we’ll want to ensure your app is built in a framework we have the ability to work with. If that’s the case then we’ll need to review your code, and for that we charge $2000. We’ll give you a report of how good or bad your code is with reasons why, so you’ll know what state your app is in. To get started click the chat bubble on the bottom of your screen and chat with our team, and let them know you have existing code.

When does my project start?

Your Product Manager will schedule a Kickoff Call on the Monday after you sign your proposal agreeing to work with us.

How will I work with my team of Launchpeers?

You’ll work closely with your Product Manager, Designers, Developers, and other Launchpeers directly in our project management portal. When new projects start we create a private Slack channel and give you & your team instant access. You’ll be able to talk directly to all your Launchpeers whenever you like.

We also have weekly or bi-weekly check-in calls to review the progress we’ve made, talk about our plans for the next period, and get your feedback so we ensure our work aligns with your expectations.

I need to raise money before getting started, can you help with that?

Yes! We have a few ways of doing that. First, if you’re looking for investors, you can use Find My Startup Investors to get a list of 100 targeted investors for your startup. Second, if you have a pitch deck we can give you free advice on it at Grade My Pitch Deck. Lastly, Prototype service is great if you’re looking to impress investors with a great product.

Matchmaking & Talent

Are Launchpeers contractors or employees? Where are they located?

Our Launchpeers are a combination of full time team members and contractors. Regardless, each is vetted the same way, some people just love the remote, contractor life while others want to bask in the sun at our Charleston, SC headquarters. All of our team members, full time and contractor, are located in the United States.

How good are your Launchpeers?

We only hire the top 5% of talent for every position. Developers are put through rigorous code reviews, reviews of past projects, and competency reviews to ensure they’re crafting quality code. Designers are required to submit a personal portfolio of work, and go through a design assessment. Product Managers are reviewed based on past project success rates, especially their ability to provide great metrics around budgets, timelines, and customer happiness.

In short, Launchpeers are amazing, and love working with startups which is why they choose to work with us (and you).

Am I able to chat directly with my Launchpeers?

Definitely. No one knows your startup, industry, and wants more than you. By encouraging a direct line of communication between you and your Launchpeers the entire project management process goes much smoother and leaves you with the project you actually want, not what someone thought you wanted.

How do you choose which Launchpeers work on my Project?

We’ve worked with over 300 startups around the world and know what kind of expertise your startup needs based on what you’re trying to build. For example, we have several developers who’ve worked extensively with Uber-type mobile apps, designers who are great at minimalistic UX, and we match them up to you to ensure your project goes smooth.


What's your hourly rate?

We don’t bill hourly at Launchpeer. We have fixed prices which means you can be confident your project will be done on budget. Running a startup or building a new product is hard enough without worrying about getting swindled with billable hours. Our process ensures that doesn’t happen.

My quote seems low, how are you able to do this so inexpensively?

Because we have such an extreme focus on startups, we’ve been able to streamline our process to suit their unique product development needs. Also, because of how Launchpeer is structured we’re able to keep overhead low, which means we pass that savings on to you.

My quote was higher than expected, can you tell me why?

That definitely depends on where you got your expectations from, but usually we hear this from people who have gotten quotes from overseas development agencies or freelancer marketplaces. We have had several customers come to us after starting with those alternatives and they’ll be the first to say they would have saved a lot more in the long run by coming to us first.

Do you take equity in startups in exchange for a lower price?

No. We only work with startups, so we want to make sure we stay unbiased in our ability to fairly work with all entrepreneurs.


Do I need a Prototype?

Yes. Well, sort of. It’s really our development team who needs it. Without the Prototype you’re asking them to build something that’s undefined. It’s like telling someone to build a house without giving them the blueprints or architecture diagrams. The Prototype service takes your idea out of your head and solidifies it. Now that doesn’t mean it can’t change during development, we actually encourage iteration and pivots, but having a starting point significantly increases your project’s (and your startup’s) success rate.

I already have wireframes/designs completed. Can you work with them?

Probably. Once you chat with our team we’ll be able to review them and let you know if they’re what we need. Ultimately the most important question is whether what you provide us is enough to hand to our development team to build your app.

How long does the Prototype normally take to complete?

Typically the Prototype process takes 4 weeks, though it sometimes takes more time because our clients want time to review designs and workflow with friends, family, investors, or potential customers. That’s completely fine, but could push your timeline out a bit if it takes you longer to get us feedback.

How many rounds of revisions do I get on the Prototype?

We give you two full rounds of revisions for the design portion of the Prototype. You’ll also be working closely with our team so you’ll be providing feedback on a consistent basis, but the full rounds of revisions are more of a formality to ensure you get what you want.


Where are your developers located?

All our developers are located in the United States and Canada. We don’t outsource work to any other companies or countries. Work we do is performed by Launchpeers and only Launchpeers, ensuring your idea and Intellectual Property are secure.

What's the typical cost to build a web or mobile app?

Projects with Launchpeer typically start at $25K and can go up to over $150K. Usually though we can work with you to ensure your Version 1 costs are as low as possible, that way you can spend your time and money on execution instead of product development.

What development frameworks or stacks do you work with?

Most often we build web applications with React and mobile applications with React Native, while utilizing Node or Python for backend development. We also have a lot of experience in other frameworks such as Php, Java, Swift, Objective C, and Ruby, but since we’re more often than not building applications from scratch we have gotten very good and fast at spinning up startups using React and React Native.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on my product?

Yes, we offer a 30 day warranty on your product. That means during the 30 days after your product launches if you identify any bugs or things that aren’t working as expected then let us know and we’ll fix it for free.

Are you able to provide support after my project is complete?

Definitely. Our team can work with you to put a maintenance agreement in place for regular support work which typically costs 1% per month of your overall project cost. Alternatively, if you have more features or items you want to build into your app we’ll price each out individually as ‘mini-projects’ and work on them as you approve them.

What kind of testing do you do during development projects?

Our team works in an Agile Development framework, which means we’re testing small pieces of functionality every two weeks during the project, that way when we have our bi-weekly check-in with you each feature we show you is working as it should. We also give you access to the testing environment as soon as possible so you can do your own user testing during the project. Lastly, the last 2-3 weeks of a project is typically set aside for very thorough user testing done by different members of our team and your own beta testers if you have any.


Will you sign my NDA?

Yes. Once you chat with our Product Manager we’ll review it with our team, sign, and send to you after it’s reviewed. If you don’t have an NDA but want one we have one you can use.

How can you ensure my app idea and product is kept confidential?

The only people that know about your information are your assigned Launchpeers. Each of them is under a strict umbrella NDA that covers you completely.

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