LC034: Traction, MVPs, and Product Discovery

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Today’s question:

Today’s question comes from Jason. I’m trying to test some basic ideas as fast as possible and I’d like to find the way to setup a landing page and payment form as quickly as possible. Do you have a particular process or method you like to use when testing ideas?

Jake’s answer:

What Not to Do

When I used to have ideas, I’d go all-in. I’d hire a developer to build something, setup a fully functional website, and make sure everything was perfect. I’d setup payment processes and then I’d launch and…crickets. If I had to go back I’d never go through that process again.

Some people will say that in order to validate an idea you need to go cold call people and get feedback from 100 people. But that’s not all that feasible for most people. People value their time and energy and this won’t get you very far.

Gauge Interest Quickly

Start by buying a domain and creating a logo. Adobe Stock or design something myself using Photoshop – just something that looks good enough to get by. Then I setup a landing page using something like Product Hunt’s Ship service (usually for tech savvy or entrepreneur type services). You can also have those users opt-in to a survey where you get honest feedback, which is just as good as talking to a lot of people directly. Product Hunt Ship costs about $200/month.

If I’m testing an idea that’s more in the B2B space, then I’ll setup my landing page using a different service. We have a few that we recommend. Unbounce has a landing page tool that you can use a custom domain for. These types of tools allow you put up pages and take them down at-will without a bunch of additional work. You can also setup payment processing on those pages with SamCart and Stripe. If you check out our site you can find links to some of our landing pages in the footer: and All of that work only took me about 2 hours to setup.

Tilda is another website builder that is easy to use and you can build a website quickly to get things out the door fast.

What You Need for Validation

  • Landing Page
  • Email Signup
  • Payment Processing/Checkout

These three items will help you test your ideas quickly. Though you may have a lot of ideas before one sticks, this is an easy and inexpensive process that will help you filter through the noise. Have the architecture in place to test those ideas – that is the best way to get to your idea that will stick faster.

Having the architecture in place to test your ideas is the best way to get to your idea that's going to stick faster. Click To Tweet

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