LC080: Can app fatigue affect your startup?

launchpeer - September 14, 2018 - 0 comments

Today’s question:

Today’s question comes from Benji. I’ve been thinking about building an app, but I’ve heard a lot about app fatigue. Do you have ideas on how we can keep people engaged?

Jake’s answer:

I do think app fatigue is real, but it’s not necessarily a problem. Essentially, it means that there are so many things being launched these days that it can be overwhelming and tiresome.

The easier it is to build technology, the easier it is for people to build crappy apps. It’s less about too many apps and it’s more about too many crappy apps. People are tired of apps that aren’t made for them than they are about apps in general.

I think in the near future, apps are going to become more niche. Apps are so prolific that it’s becoming much harder to build an app for a general population, it needs to be for a very specific audience. And this is a good thing because it presents a huge opportunity to serve specific audiences, which allows you to build your app for that one type of person.

As you are going through the development process, you can now have a person in mind to build your app for. If you go through that process with them in mind, then you will have a much easier time marketing your app and giving it a chance to thrive in a crowded app store. We’ve made that part of our prototype process and it really helps our customers figure out how they are special, what sets them apart.

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