My Startup Idea Already Exists: How To Beat The Competition?

What should I do if my startup idea already exists? Do not drop it. Instead, focus on what makes your idea unique.

your business can stand out by targeting an underserved market or restructuring your revenue model. Or, you can provide personalized customer service.

Likely, there’s already a problem on the market for what your idea is trying to solve. The potential of an idea shouldn’t be judged by whether there’s a competing solution on the market. No matter how competitive or underserved a market is, there’s always room for innovation and differentiation.

The short answer to what to do if my startup idea already exists: don’t be discouraged as you can still build a successful startup.

Competition is a good thing. It shows that people are willing to pay for a product that solves their problems.

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How to check if my startup idea already exists

If you’re looking to see if your startup idea already exists, Google Search is a great way to find out.

If the Search Engine Results Pages for your startup idea are lacking in useful information, it may be an indication that your concept is not well-known. Someone else may have already thought of your startup idea.

What is the best way to conduct Google Search?

To form a long phase, we recommend that you add 3 sets of keywords or Google them individually.

1. Problem-based keywords

Your keywords should reflect the problems that your target consumers face. Start with the problem that your startup idea seeks to solve.

For example, how can I find potential partners? (Read: Tinder, Bumble, dating agencies, and dating services). These ideas were born out of a problem that had sufficient demand. This gives you a large enough market to make money selling to consumers.

2. Functionality-based keywords

The keywords are simply what your startup is trying to achieve – what platform or core features do you want to build? Speed dating channels, for example.

3. Value-based keywords

These keywords are often used to refer to functionality. This can often be used as a way to show the benefits consumers will receive from your product or services. For example: Getting a nice dinner date.

even if your startup idea exists, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough demand for it. It all comes down to how innovative you can make sure your business stands out from the rest.

Did my idea for a startup already exist and fail?

Talk to potential customers, explain your idea, and ask If they’ve ever seen a product or service like it.

If they answer yes, ask them if you used it. If they said yes, ask them why they stopped using it.

ask them if they would purchase such a product.

If you have the same idea as someone else, you may be able to gain an advantage by being the first one to act on it. This is known as having a first-mover edge.

However, a first-mover advantage can only be useful if you can capitalize on the time lapse between you being first in a market and your competitors acquiring customers before they do.

If another startup is offering a similar product/service, it may be difficult to convince customers to switch to your company. If the market isn’t aware of your competitor’s existence, you’ll have an even harder time winning them over. Make sure you can offer a compelling reason for why customers should choose your business over others.

Now you will say, “I can’t run around telling everyone about my great idea.” It could be stolen.

What do I do if someone steals my startup idea?

Don’t worry. Ideas are easy, execution is hard.

A conversation with someone more enthusiastic than you, more passionate, and more committed to your idea will result in them being an angel investor, a customer, or even a co-founder.

Get validation for your idea

No matter how great your business idea is, If there is no market for it or the niche is full, you will not make any money.

As highlighted in the bestselling book The Strawberry Startup, to validate the strength of an idea, we must give it to the public.

Try your idea offline first. Pitching ideas offline is One of the most effective methods.

Pitching your business idea is all about communicating the key features of your concept in a matter of minutes. This approach has several benefits:

  • You can receive advice from experts
  • The audience becomes part of the discussion
  • Potential investors can be identified for your venture
  • Community support will be accessible
  • You will encounter like-minded individuals

Try your idea online

This is probably the best way to find opportunities online. You can use B2B and B2C marketplaces to promote your ideas.

Crowdfunding: Validate your idea financially and psychologically

This is a great way to present your idea “to people”, much earlier than you would normally. You can also get feedback that will help you improve your project.

It is very useful for startups in the early stages. it can help entrepreneurs save time and money. Crowdfunding feedback will help you determine if the campaign was successful.

B2B/B2C marketplaces are great sources of customer feedback

All market participants can share information by being part of an “internet community”.

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The ease of selecting proposals and the speed of decision-making through electronic channels make communication easier.


It’s not important if my startup idea already exists. It is important to find out if your potential customers are aware of any other providers offering a similar solution to yours. This can be done by asking your customers what alternatives they know and why they still use the status quo. Conducting this market research task first will give you valuable insights before moving on to other tasks.

If you are aware of someone who has implemented an idea similar to yours, you can win by making sure the marketplace is aware of your version. You will need to market your product better than the competition to succeed. Click To Tweet

If you find another provider of the exact same product and the market isn’t buying it yet, this could be a warning sign. If potential customers are not interested in purchasing the product now, it’s possible they won’t be interested in buying it from you either.

If there is an existing provider for a product or service and people are already using it, then you have evidence that there is demand for it.

What are some ways you can out-market your competitors and win over their customers? Even if you’re not the first choice, there are still ways to come out on top.

If your idea is truly great, it should be happening to many people simultaneously.

If you are the first to market, there will likely be others with the same idea by the end of the week. It shouldn’t take more than a year to bring your market.

If your idea is not well-known and does not attract any competitors, it may not be a good idea. It may not appeal to many customers who are willing to pay a lot for your product. Because they may have already surveyed customers and found no interest.

If you are the first to market and catch everyone asleep, you will get lots of attention. However, if you do not have a solid plan or product, this attention will quickly fade. Make sure you are prepared before making any big moves in your industry!

As you establish a market for your product. you will find that many companies will attempt to copy your product.and out-market you. To stay ahead of the competition, it is important to continually innovate and offer a unique product that meets customer needs.

It is not about being innovative for the sake of it, but coming up with a better solution than your competitors and remaining competitive as new entrants enter this market.