New brand, new products, new financing options, same mission

Jake here, Founder of Launchpeer, and whew has our team been BUSY.

Over the last few months we’ve been cooking up some new stuff behind the scenes that we’re excited to finally roll out. So instead of boring you with an intro message, let’s just jump straight into the good stuff.

New brand, who dis?

Almost 8 years ago when I started Launchpeer I literally created our logo from a licensed icon image from Adobe Stock.

Then 4 years ago we hired a designer to clean things up a bit.

But today, we’re rolling out a new brand that we’ve worked on for months that finally shines a light on who we are, what we believe, and the types of founders we want to serve.

Helping first-time founders go from idea to square one.

A simple, but powerful message that gives our team and our founders clarity on what Launchpeer is truly great at, while getting rid of the rest.

Yes, we are the team who can get you from dreaming about your startup to doing.

Yes, we are the team who can get you from idea to first customers.

Yes, we are the team who can help you go from first customers to first investors.

But just as important…

No, we’re not the team who can help you raise your Series A.

No, we’re not the team who can help you build a huge version 2 of your app.

No, we’re not the team who can help you hire your first 100 employees.


That’s okay. Going from zero to one is important, and going from one to two can’t happen without it, and we pride ourselves on going what we’re exceptional at and what we aren’t and partnering with other organizations to help our founders after they’re successful with us.

New products that align with our clear mission

As we double down more on helping founders go from zero to one, our products and services need to update as well.

Luckily, we’ve already been making those changes over the last few months in preparation for this moment.

Launch Weekend

A new event we’ll be doing regularly to help founders go from dreaming to doing, Launch Weekend is a hackathon-style event where our team helps founders define their idea and validate it at a rapid pace, using the same market testing system we’ve been helping our founders implement for years. Think of it as a peak inside our process while also ensuring founders dedicate their time to ideas worth working on.

Launch Month

You don’t need a developer (and probably shouldn’t want one this early) to go from an idea to first customers and users. In 2022 it’s easier than ever for non-technical founders to build a product that lets them solve the biggest pain points of their prospects. Launch Month is a 30-day program where our team works with a small cohort (8-10) founders to build a no-code product, then help them get their first users and customers signed up. By the end of the 30 days you’ll have a true MVP launched with real customers and users.

Launch Fund

Startups traditionally struggle with raising funding. Less than 8% ever do, and it’s less than 2% of women and minorities who make up a relatively large portion of our program. Launch Fund is a 90-day program where our team guides founders towards raising their first checks from friends and family, angel investors, non-traditional investors, and small venture funds. We make sure you have a set of rock-solid financial projections, pitch and deck, are legally setup correctly so you don’t get in trouble with the SEC, and then help you reach out to, negotiate with, and secure $50K-$250K in funding so you can build a fully featured app, hire you first team members, and scale up your marketing.

And that’s not all…

We have other Launch branded goodness coming… though it’s not quite ready to talk about yet, but suffice to say it’ll be great so stay tuned…

Starting up isn’t cheap… but guaranteed financing lowers the barrier

Probably the most exciting news we’re rolling out is our ability to make working with Launchpeer more accessible.

Launchpeer is a hybrid between an agency and an accelerator, and because of that agency part where our designers, developers, and other team members get their hands dirty with our founders, we can’t do what accelerators do and not charge anything. They can do that because the extent of their involvement is providing access to a crowded network of people they know, mentors you hardly get a chance to talk to, and can then rid themselves of you after their 12-week ‘all talk, no action’ program is over.

Since we have to charge founders, we felt like over the years we’ve had to turn down amazing founders simply because they couldn’t afford to work with us.

I didn’t like that.

As a former homeless teen who couldn’t pinch pennies together to buy lunch, and a family who couldn’t support my entrepreneurial endeavors, I wanted to find a way to make it easier for more founders to work with us regardless of their financial resources.

Today we’re a huge leap closer to that goal.

Our team is now able to offer guaranteed financing to founders.

Yes, guaranteed.

That means for any of our products or services, instead of having to pay in full (an amount that is honestly hugely fair for the work that’s done, but still high for many new founders), founders can now opt for 24-monthly payments.

That’s a LONG time for our team to get paid back.

But… after 8+ years in business, a long track record of our founder’s success, and a mission to make it easier for founders to go from zero to one, we’re putting our cards on the table and going all-in.

Let’s celebrate! Be one of the first 10 to jump in and we have something special for you…

If you’re one of those founders who has been thinking of starting up but hasn’t made the leap…

Or a founder whose already spoken to our team but couldn’t jump onboard because of your budget…

Or maybe just curious about whether Launchpeer is the right fit for you…

Let’s talk.

To celebrate all this exciting news, we’re providing some one-time discounts and benefits to the next 10 founders who make the leap to work with our team at Launchpeer.

That startup idea you have isn’t going to build itself.

Buying domain names, writing sketches in your notebook, and chatting with friends about how great your idea is can only get you so far.

At some point you need to make a bet on yourself.

If that time is now, click here to schedule a call with our team and benefit from this news and hopefully we’ll see you inside.

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