LC022: Starting a Company with your Spouse

launchpeer - June 26, 2018

Today’s question:

Today’s question comes from Paul. Is it hard to raise money as a startup if your spouse it your partner? Is this something you should think about before starting.

Jake’s answer:

Today’s question is close to my heart. I started LaunchPeer with my spouse and I wouldn’t have been able to launch it at all without her.

My wife and I had been married and had two kids before we started our business. The alternative to starting a business with her would have been to start one with a friend or acquaintance. I’m not sure why starting a company with your spouse is looked down upon or looked at differently by those in Silicon Valley but it is looked at differently.

Some VCs won’t even invest in companies where the founders are married. I don’t personally understand where this comes from. It’s much harder to walk away from a partnership when you’re married to your cofounder

Our relationship goes beyond work and that’s why it’s stronger than if it was just someone who I know casually or is a friend. That agreement outside of the business adds to the commitment within the business.

Approaching Investors

For any startup founder who is married to their cofounder or is considering it, just know that you are not the only ones out there who are running into weird looks from VCs. You have to have the confidence to move forward anyway and be successful despite their feelings about your partnership.

Let their doubts drive your pursuit toward being a successful startup rather than letting it get you down. VCs would rather you startup with a stranger or by yourself before they want you to partner with a spouse.

Most investors are an iceberg. You see all their success above the water but not with the failures below. These are people just giving you opinions. If someone does have an issue with you having a spouse as a cofounder, it makes it easier for you to filter out the investors you don’t want to take money from anyway.

Most investors are an iceberg. You see all their success above the water but not with the failures below. Click To Tweet

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