LC028: Essential Startup Resources

launchpeer - July 4, 2018

Today’s question:

Today’s question comes from Josh. I’m new to the startup space. Even though I have a lot of industry knowledge, I don’t know much about building a startup. What are some good resources for getting started?

Jake’s answer:

There is so much out there that it can be overwhelming. Between blogs, books, and podcasts, there is more information out there than you can filter and navigate through. The startup landscape is always changing, which makes it even harder to filter out all of the noise. Instead of going through a thousand resources, I’m going to do a rundown of a short list of the key resources I use to stay up-to-date on startup knowledge.

Between blogs, books, and podcasts, there is more information out there than you can filter and navigate through. Click To Tweet


Startup Chat: A weekly podcast that talks about every aspect of building a startup. The hosts get straight to the point and don’t hold back. You won’t get cookie cutter advice here.

Product People: The host, Justin Jackson, has a great point of view when it comes to bootstrapping and building a company on your own. He brings on great guests who provide valuable advice for early stage founders.

Masters of Scale: Reid Hoffman talks more about the story of startup by interviewing founders and does deep dives into how founders overcome challenges.


Unscalable: This book profiles about 20 startups about things that they did to scale in the beginning for tasks that were unscalable. Some of these startups are huge now, some of them failed, but there are a lot of good insights and ideas here that can spark your creativity as a founder.

Anything by Jeb Blount: He is an amazing writer. Fanatical Prospecting completely changed the way I operate my business. He is great for B2B or services-based businesses. If it has his name on it, pick it up.

Play Bigger: I didn’t agree with this book when I first read it. The premise is that the most successful companies are the ones who create their own category. This book helps founders frame their startup in a way that moves away from just creating another business.

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