Making sports betting more predictable

It’s no surprise to anyone that sports betting adoption has taken a massive turn over the last few years. More and more states are legalizing the ability for anyone to make sports bets from their couch. But with that, came a problem that Spencer and his team wanted to solve; the everyday sports better doesn’t have access to the same tools the large betters do to make smarter decisions. Spencer and his team set out to empower sports betters, regardless of experience level, with the data and insights they need to de-risk their new pastime as much as possible.


Launchpeer has been great. Our whole team has gotten a lot of value out of the program, raising funding while also continuing to get support through product development and marketing. Looking back on it this was definitely the best decision we could have made and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for LP.


Check out sample screens from the Prototype we created for Fanalysts down below.

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