Modernizing home healthcare

The size of the elderly population is growing as a percentage of the rest of the population faster than ever, and the current healthcare market is already having a hard time supporting it. Along with that, people want more freedom in their health decisions, especially when it comes to making as big a decision as how and where that care will be administered. That’s why Michael and Connor set out to modernize the home healthcare market, putting tools and resources in the hands of home healthcare agencies and service providers to more scalably and consistently provide excellent care to their customers.


Jake and the team have been great, anytime we ever needed anything the team was just a message or phone call away. The team showed a lot of care to what we were trying to do and our unique needs and goals, helping set us up for a successful fundraise. We’re looking forward to using that to bring our product to market and begin the growth stage.


Check out sample screens from the Prototype we created for Vivon down below.

Program Join to Funded:
7 months
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