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When we first met Trey and his team at Crowdreach we were crazy impressed.

Finished app? Check.

Great team? Check.

Funding? Check.

So what did they need us for? Well, funding is one thing, but having the funding to hire your own full time staff of developers is a whole other thing, and the team needed to build a bunch of new features into their product FAST.

Really they had two problems; they needed a lot of developers quickly, and they didn't want to spend their funding on hiring a bunch of full time employees they only really needed for a couple months.

That's where we came in

Trey needed at least 4 developers to work on his project to finish up his V2 features. Within a week we spun up his project with a team of Launchpeers who were experts at working with social media applications like Crowdreach.

Our developers worked closely with Trey and some of his current development resources to build the features in half the expected timeline, and even found some bugs in the app he didn't know were there. We also recommended several updates to the user interface. How? Because not only did he have our developers from Launchpeer working on his project, he also had other Launchpeers peaking over their shoulders to see what was going on.

Within 2 months Trey had a new, fresh V2 and a sleak new design for his onboarding process.


So what did Trey think?

“I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Launchpeer has done a fantastic job and I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re not sure if you should hire your own team or hire Launchpeer, do yourself a favor and work with this team.”
— Trey Rust, Founder of Crowdreach
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