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When Michael came to Launchpeer he was armed with an idea and a few thousand bucks. That's all he needed. He began by pitching our team on his app, a way for college fraternities and sororities to more easily manage their houses.

Immediately we pushed back, just a little. In that way a friend pushes back when you ask to go get Pizza for the 5th time this week but they know you're on a diet.

We asked Michael to go deeper. He needed to target one part of his market. Sororities and Frats are pretty different in the way they run things, and from a branding perspective especially we knew marketing would be much easier if we were appealing to college males instead of both males and females. Of course we knew that once the app was spread to colleges across the country we could more easily migrate to targeting both groups, but initially it's much easier to grow with one ideal customer in mind.

Time to brand

Michael was pretty specific about what he wanted. Not something flashy, and definitely nothing that potential users wouldn't understand right when they saw it. So no 'Google' or 'Yahoo' type names that mean absolutely nothing.

In one of our initial brainstorming sessions we threw out the name 'Pledge' and that was it. Although we knew it might be an uphill battle on the app store SEO front, it was a hit with Michael and we knew we'd get over that hurdle somehow.

Armed with that name, our design team began crafting some logos with Michael, and landed on one that was simple, yet cool, modern, but classy.

On to workflow & design

With branding complete, it was time for our product team to get involved crafting technical documentation and doing workflow diagrams so our design team could then turn that into a fully formed UI/UX design.

Now, Michael's app was pretty straightforward but there was still some things to work out. How would payments be processed? What happens when a charge doesn't go through? Refunds need to get issued? A user isn't within cell service? All of those things we worked closely to figure out with Michael, offering technical solutions from a non-technical point of view so he could make great decisions about the future of his startup.

After a few iterations of workflows we had a great path forward on what exactly the app was going to do and how it would do it.

Here's what that looked like.


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