The 4 Step Formula To Guarantee Your Startup Idea is Validated
Full step-by-step video walkthrough to ensure your idea will succeed
Hosted by Jake Hare
Founder of Launchpeer
Has helped hundreds of startups around the world build, launch, & get funded.
How to know who your idea customer avatar is and why it's so important to narrow it down to validate your startup idea
The architecture you need to set up to validate your idea, including how to pick a name for your idea, branding, and logo design (without needing to hire a designer or a developer)
Our 2 page website setup that is the backbone of how to ensure your idea is validated 100%, and we walk you through exactly how to build it
The best way to drive traffic to your website and get people to say "YES! I definitely want to use this startup idea", no more guesswork
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