Vet entrepreneurs have the mindset, skill set to succeed

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Vet entrepreneurs have mindset, skill set to succeed
By Jake Hare
Special to Stars and Strips
October 14th, 2021

“As of this year, there are 19 million military veterans in the United States, spanning history from World War II to the 21st-century missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. But for many of those brave men and women, coming home didn’t mean finding their way back into the workforce, which is highlighted by the fact that the veteran unemployment rate rose last year to 6.5%.

I was one of the lucky ones. Even before I joined the Army, I knew I was an entrepreneur, and when I transitioned back into civilian life, I took that drive and combined it with everything the military taught me to build a successful company. But my story shouldn’t be unique.

There are thousands of veterans out there with the same grit, accountability and sense of purpose that I had who have the potential to fundamentally change the business world. We need their contributions to entrepreneurship, now more than ever before, to emerge stronger, more united and more innovative in the years to come.”

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