Why the Startup Life is so Attractive to Entrepreneurs leaving the Workforce

The pandemic has forced people to see that havinga ‘day job’ does not equate to job security, “says Jake Hare, CEO of Launchpeer”

“The question of the hour: why is our economy suffering from a labor shortage amid social and economic unrest? When stability should be a priority for the workforce, workers are quitting en masse. Short staffing forces businesses to cut down on hours and close on certain days of the week. Despite hiring managers and employers offering retention bonuses, higher pay and shorter hours, the global resignation rate has remained unprecedented for months. It seems a glaring contradiction that millions stay unemployed while more and more leave their jobs, but there’s more to it than a surface-level contradiction.”

“The pandemic has forced people to see that having a ‘day job’ does not equate to job security,” says Jake Hare, CEO of Launchpeer. “Anything can happen that can make you lose wages or lose your job completely. We have seen a mass exodus of people from the workforce, and many are choosing to start their own businesses instead. The startup life can be attractive because it helps entrepreneurs balance work and necessities like child care while prioritizing their mental health.” – Jake Hare, Founder of Launchpeer

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