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How we helped HOBA launch & get 3K users in 30 days

Dave came to us armed with just an idea and over 20 years experience in the boating industry. A few months later & the app garnered national attention and grew incredibly fast. From branding & design to app development & marketing, you could say HOBA was our baby as much as Dave’s, and we’re loving every minute of it.



From idea to validated prototype in 4 weeks

Mark has successfully raised funding using hustle and the Prototype we created that’s been submitted to UI/UX design awards due to it’s forward thinking approach to diet & exercise.

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Changing the education landscape with good design

Launchpeer helped Charles build an incredible Prototype that’s helping Charles raise hundreds of thousands to build his full web and mobile application.

Will Traweek
Launchpeer helped tremendously getting our brand from 0 to 60. We gave them an idea and they came back mere weeks later with more designs and mockups than we could have dreamed of.

— Will Traweek

Founder of Spectre

Tara McKee
Launchpeer is my knight in shining armor. I had this crazy idea and no clue how to make it a reality. In no time at all, they whipped up a prototype of my vision that fit perfectly! And now one of the most critical pieces to my new business is off my worry list. Thank you!

— Tara McKee

Founder of Creative Den



Funded startup to beautiful web app in 12 weeks

Matt and team chose Launchpeer to build their full web application that’s going to help millions of people raise money for their healthcare expenses.



Launching an MVP to change the travel industry

Patrick hired Launchpeer to take LGND from just an idea to a full fledged mobile application that’s getting traction with his first huge set of users.



Helping our city protect it's citizens through innovative solutions

Our hometown of Charleston was awarded $100K from Bloomberg to come up with a solution to ease the city’s flooding problems. They turned to our team to help them create that solution that’s garnered them national acclaim and the chance to win a $1M grant to build the product.

Steve Sartain
The team at Launchpeer did an awesome job taking my idea and turning it into something real. The branding they did is great, they helped me as a non-technical founder really understand the technical side of what needed to be built, and the design of the app is incredible.

— Steve Sartain

Founder of Redunnit

Dave Yeates
The team at Launchpeer did an incredible job. Not only is the app rock solid but their growth tactics helped us get to thousands of users and national reach in a very short time period.

— Dave Yeates

Founder of HOBA



Helping realtors end the hassle of redundant sales calls

The best solution is a simple one, and with dozens of combined years of experience in the real estate industry the team at Hopscript knew what needed to be built to ease the pain of redundant sales calls for agents. Hopscript combines an extensive logic system and seamless call integration that’s honestly really cool, if we do say so ourselves.



The sneakerhead community is growing

Never heard of the sneakerhead community? Neither did we, but it’s a growing and thriving group of fans who LOVE all things sneakers. The founders of SNKRHud are building an amazing community for sneakerheads that’s going to bring them together in a single, beautiful social network.

gotcha logo


The big idea? Put free rides on the moon.

Well, not really on the moon, but still, The Gotcha Group’s mission is to make it easier for people to get where they want to go efficiently. Innovative transportation solutions are their thing. We build them an awesome mobile app that’s helped them initiate & manage their Gotcha Rides program all over the country all while their company hit #249 on the Inc5000 list!

Jose Mallabo
We currently have users in 49 states, and our conversion rate from downloading to becoming an active user is 80%. I'm continuously impressed by the work done by Launchpeer!

— Jose Mallabo

Founder of Vireo Labs

Christian Ruppe
When you need the best product you hire the best team. That's definitely Launchpeer. If you're even considering working with anyone else to build your app, stop, and schedule a call with this team.

— Christian Ruppe

Founder of Monotto



On-demand dent and scratch repair? Yes, please!

Ever had a dent or scratch on your car, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of taking it into the dealership or body shop? That’s the idea behind Redunnit. Steve has worked in auto-repair for decades & wanted to make it easier for car owners to get reconditioning work on-demand (without going to a shop), while also enabling technicians to get more work and increase their income.



Demand for language learning is growing

Language learning apps are ripe for disruption. That’s what the team at Inlingoo thought when they came to Launchpeer with their idea for a platform that connects language learners and teachers in a new type of social network. See, Rosetta Stone was too hyper focused on just training. Some other apps that are popular in the App Store are doing the same. Few are focused on connecting PEOPLE over just education.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 10.45.26 PM


Bringing frat management into the 21st century

Michael came to us with an idea to change the college fraternity and sorority management practices, while also having a little bit of fun. You know, it should be easier to order pledges to get you a coffee, do your homework, buy groceries, or whatever, so why not leverage technology to do that? Well, soon you’ll be able to.

Matt Weismiller
The team at Launchpeer provides a one-stop solution for anyone who needs not only great product design & development, but also incredible business & marketing sense that's infused into everything they do.

— Matt Weismiller

Founder of Snapp

Jeff Reamer
The team at Launchpeer has been amazing to work on both my projects. I’ll definitely be recommending them in the future to anyone who needs web or mobile development.

— Jeff Reamer

Founder of 1836

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